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Pure Relaxation

Private swimming pool with crystal clear water 8m x 8m heated to 30 ° and spa integrated into the terrace.

Your private pool at 32 ° & your Spa at 37 °

Swimming pool 8m X 8m

Temperature 32 °

Heated by heat pump

Water quality

Management by pool manager for automatic regulation

Depth 1.75m

to dive there safely

40-jet spa


A moment of relaxation after a busy day

High tech

This spa has more than 40 jets including the famous Moto-Massage DX. To find out, go here: Hot Spring


Share this moment with friends and / or family

3 waterfalls

They are activated at your convenience at the touch of a switch in the house.


A sound background of water which gives a pleasant atmosphere


Very popular with the youngest

Guaranteed security


The swimming pool can be closed at any time of the day and night.


Opening and closing at the touch of a switch.

Maximum protection

Absolute security for you and your loved ones.